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Listen sis.. If getting a juicy booty was as easy as following a 10 minute band workout and incorporating a daily protein shake, we would all be walking around with wedding cakes back there lol. But that's just not the case and I'm here to tell you how it really is.

Realistically, seeing significant muscle growth - anywhere on the body, really - takes a lot of time (3+ months at LEAST) consistency in the gym, intention, discipline, foooooood, and love for yourself!

So, what does it actually take to get those plump, round glutes of your dreams? I'll tell ya!

TRAINING: I'm not talking about working out for fun with your friend or exercising for general wellness.. true training with the intent to make a significant change is consistently following a structured plan, nailing down a few movements, and getting stronger & better at them week after week ...for many weeks.

Pro tip: Pick movements that you genuinely like AND you get a fireeeee mind to muscle connection with. Let's say you see all of the fit girls on IG doing hip thrusts so you feel like you need to be doing hip thrusts... well maybe you just HATE the set up and don't like the way they feel? Girl just try out a Lying Bridge instead or even switch up and push the focus to deadlifts??? Life is too short to hate what you're doing in the gym. Training should be FUN and ENJOYABLE!

EATING IN A SURPLUS / PRIORITIZING PROTEIN: Food is everything when it comes to actually changing your size. Growing your glutes and truly wanting them to be bigger takes some extra calories with a big emphasis on protein and carbs!!! Maybe you're training hard already and aren't seeing the results you hoped for...

Always feeling sore: do you prioritize protein with each meal?

Lack of energy or feeling super tired throughout a session: How many carbs are you getting in pre/post workout?

Fatigue/Irritabiliry/Lack of Concentration: Take a look at your fat and overall caloric intake.

Pro Tip: nutrition and body awareness go hand in hand because we all know, food can be medicinal. I encourage you to get to know your body and listen to her. Our body can not communicate with us through words so it has to send us signs/symptoms instead. It is our responsibility to look out for and recognize the biofeedback to then figure out why it's happening. When trying to embark on a successful glute growth journey, you have to tune in to your body and gain a new level of awareness. You can't build your dream booty if you aren't fueling and maintaining your body's overall health and well-being. You can understand your body's language by dialing in on data like: menstrual cycle, mood, energy levels, fatigue, sleep quality, digestion, etc to find what your normal/balance is so you know when something is off.


The era of toxic fitness needs to be gone for good.. you don't need to be "pushing through the pain", getting to the gym 7 days a week, training till absolute failure every single set of every single movement to see results. Training that way is a first class ticket to injury island if you ask me. But that's besides the point. Repeat after me.... SLEEP IS WHEN MY GLUTES GROW! REST IS PRODUCTIVE! When you're training, you are intentionally making tiny tears in your muscles... those tears need to be repaired sooner rather than later right? Right. So eat some food and go to bed. Get your 8 hours. Your glutes don't wanna make it to the gym for the 3rd lower body day this week. They want an epsom salt bath and a nap.

Pro Tip: one of the best ways to ensure you have a successful fitness journey is to prioritize your body care. This doesn't have to be a professional massage every week. Gentle foam rolling, mobility work, stretching, yoga, using a massage gun, heat/cold therapies, scraping/Gua sha, partner or self massages, epsom salt baths, etc. do something to recover and love on your body every day :)

So really the bottom line to growing your glutes is: you gotta train hard, eat a lot of food, sleep, and recover.

Intention over everything, always. You need to actively choose to hit your protocol consistently to see the result you truly want. Go after it.

My 8 month glute transformation!!

+4 inches to my glutes

+2 inches to each thigh

100% relaxed in both pictures, both are post glute workout with slight pump

L side: 1 month post ACL reconstruction surgery (hadn't trained legs/glutes in 3+ months)

R side: 10 months post ACL reconstruction surgery (consistently training lower body 2x week and eating in a caloric surplus)

Weight gained: ~22lbs

Stayed on the same plan, written by me for me specifically, practiced intuitive eating, and progressed consistently for 8 months!

The Staples:


  1. RDL variations

  2. Hip Thrusts / Bridge variations

  3. Squat variations

  4. Cable glute kickbacks


  • Smoothies with a lot of fruit/PB/oats/protein powder/honey

  • Oats!!! Load them up with nut butter/fruit

  • High quality protein sources: steak, eggs, chicken, salmon, shrimp

  • Carbsssss for daysssss. Pasta, rice/fried rice, bread, cereal, muffins, granola

Want to see significant glute and confidence growth in 6 months? Let's make it happen

Apply for 1:1 coaching:

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